General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR is the new Privacy Protection Regulation adopted on 27th April 2016 by the European Union in replacement of the earlier Data Protection Regime. These privacy regulations which come with restrictions on non transferability of EU data to non compliant countries make it highly relevant for countries outside EU also as it could make or mar the data processing industry. What distinguishes GDPR from the earlier regulations is the high level of penalties envisaged under the regulation which may go upto Euro 20 million (approximately Rs 140 crores) or 4% of global turnover of a company and will be applicable even for Non EU based companies.

If any Indian company is interested in working with data which includes personal information of EU citizens, the GDPR cannot be ignored.

In a bid to promote wide spread compliance of GDPR in India which is in the larger interests of the country, Naavi has taken efforts to dedicate this website towards building awareness about GDPR. Naavi is the pioneer in India for promoting awareness of Information Technology Act 2000 through and the associate websites. He has already been maintaining to discuss the privacy related issues. Now these three websites will form the GDPR Knowledge Centre and together develop awareness of GDPR. It will also discuss and analyse its provisions to assist Indian IT industry to move towards a greater level of compliance.

As always, the large IT companies have the means and skilled personnel to guide them and it is the SMEs who need special support. This GDPR Knowledge Center will try to specially assist such SMEs and Mobile APP companies to achieve GDPR compliance.

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